Welcome to the ES3AERO blog, an initiative of our team to share with you our experience, stories and curiosities related to the Aerospace Industry and the world of Flight Test.

Let us start by quickly introducing ourselves. ES3AERO is a consulting firm specializing in the Aerospace Industry, located in Seattle, Washington. The Company provides advisory and consulting services for Aircraft Systems Development, Flight Test and Certification programs, and also support to ongoing Aircraft manufacturing programs.

What we do for a living may present a challenge to many and become a routine to others. Our goal is to try and make the world of Flight Test and Aircraft Certification a little more accessible to the general public. As flight and ground test engineers, when people ask about our day to day activities they sometimes believe that we are either pilots or we are all day flying around. Well, we certainly do much more than just flying and we will share that with you with an insider point of view.

Are you familiar with the concept of Zero Fuel Weight or Aircraft Health Monitoring System? Have you ever been involved in Cold Weather Testing or Hot Fuel? Do you know how aircrafts are equipped for extreme testing and how the data is collected? We will share that and much more. From standard procedures to dedicated testing we want you to understand how things work.

Come on board of The ES3AERO Blog, we hope you enjoy reading our entries at least as much as we enjoy writing them!


We are ES3AERO and we would love to hear back from you! Please feel free to contact us using our “Contact” page to ask any questions, share your personal experience or even to propose what you would like to see next.



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